Bugsy Malone - Y Pant Comprehensive School

Bugsy Malone - Y Pant Comprehensive School

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Mr Thomas head of music & Ms Roberts head of drama requested the services of ets247 to help them turn a very white school hall into a theatre for their performance of Bugsy Malone.

This was a slightly different project for us as it required a very large amount of printed material to create a themed backdrop.

Gerard created the design and printed a 15M x 4.75M print creating the backdrop to fat sams speakeasy.

We also supplied 12 radio mics, all additional lighting and staging to help create the scene.

every role from the perfomers to the band, even technical roles such as light and sound were carried out by students. It was a pleasure to work with them and offer tips and tricks.

We are looking forward to the upcomming performance Grease!